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Ivar Johnson


I got interested in Web development in 1999, just as the Web industry was experiencing a big crash. The fact that tons of people were losing jobs and money in the field didn't dissuade me from what had quickly become an obsession a passion.


I was born in Chicago. My parents moved our family to Richmond Illinois when I was about seven, then moved us again when I was ten to Littleton, Colorado. I moved once more to Conifer Meadows, Colorado when I was thirteen and went to High School at Evergreen Senior High.

I have twentysix brothers and sisters. My parents now live in Pine, Colorado and still have kids living with them today (my dad is around 80). I moved to Los Angeles at seventeen and currently reside in Echo Park.


My current goals include attending Glendale Community College and working toward a Web development Associates degree. In the long term, I intend to transfer to a University for a Bachelor's degree.

Ultimately I want a job in a happy and creative, group Web development environment that's interesting and challenging yet relaxed and nurturing. I want a job where the employees are thriving and enjoy each others company.

You can see my current portfolio/client portal Web site at The mobile version of my site is just a tombstone with no client portal access.

If you can't catch me in class, I can be reached at and I can also be contacted via LinkedIn.