CSIS 260 Final Project


A First Note

This project is the Final assignment for the Fall 2014 CSIS 260 class, as taught by Rory Schlueter. This assignment was a fun exercise in that I was restricted from writing the stylesheet for the site until after creating the pages. It motivated me to think about what the pages would look like without styles, and to try to make the "naked" pages look good on their own.

I'm grateful that the assignment allowed me to write a stylesheet at the end to tie it all together (I didn't like how the pages looked without it)!

I tried to keep mobile in mind as much as possible while writing the code, and added some responsive function via the CSS.

Box Model

Below is a simple Box Model demonstrating margins and padding using a 100% width table within a 90% width table, containing an "h4" element and a "p" element to further demonstrate width, margins and padding as predefined by the client, inline styles and/or stylesheet rules.

This is an 'h4' element inside a table with 10px margins and 10px padding.

This is a 'p' element inside a table with 0px margins and 0px padding. It sits inside a table that has 2% padding. That table sits inside another table that has 2% padding.